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1,How to use: Click the "Start" button to observe the color change in the square. Once you observe that the color in the square changes from white to other colors, click the "Stop" button immediately. Reaction time

2,The numerical results of the reaction speed tested by this tool are for reference only, and are not used as an authority

reaction speed

1,Response speed refers to the ability of the human body to respond quickly to various signal stimuli (sound, light, touch, etc.)

2,People usually assess the athlete's ability to respond by measuring the response time, that is, the time required for the athlete to respond to a signal stimulus. The speed of the athlete's response to a specific signal should be measured according to the characteristics of different events

Such as sprinting, swimming and other racing events, athletes mainly receive auditory signals to start competition, while table tennis players mainly receive visual signals to make technical and tactical responses

Factors Influencing Response Speed

The speed of response mainly depends on the characteristics of human receptors (visual, auditory) and other analyzers, and the coordination relationship between the central nervous system and neuromuscular

The quality of response speed is greatly affected by genetic effects. For example, the response time of people who are not engaged in special training is usually between 0.2 and 0.3 seconds, and a trained athlete can only reach 0.1 to 0.2 seconds

Therefore, during the training process, the increase in reaction speed is small.

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